Telecity Amsterdam,NL


February 2016

Main Contractor:

H&R Bouw BV

Roofing Contractor:

van Dijk Dakwerken BV
Velsen Noord

Roof Build-up:

The project consists of three roof areas, the highest of which is 75m.

The fully cured concrete substrates were prepared with bitumen primer, and then the roof build-up comprised a polyester reinforced bituminous vapour control layer with 140 mm of foam glass insulation both fully bonded in hot bitumen. To this a first layer of BIIG Regular 3mm and BIIG Regular 4mm were fully bonded by torching ensuring the optimum waterproofing integrity of the entire roof areas.

Total area 1748 m2


Gevel 5 Dakadvies


10 year all-inclusive insured warranty covered by Allianz Nederland Corporate.

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